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Are you looking for free educational games so your child can have fun and learn at the same time?

Stop looking and download “Buddy School: Educational Math Games” free!

It’s perfect for all ages as it totally adapts to each child’s age, so preschool kids (aged 3-6), primary and secondary kids (aged 6-15) can all play.

Enjoy the adventure!
Buddy and his friends will put you to the test with their fun and crazy antics. Have a great time at their school while you learn and improve your logic and math ability.

Kids will have an exciting adventure solving puzzle games, jigsaws, memory games, addition games, subtraction games, times tables games, and mental math games. And all of it perfectly adapted to their age.

For preschool kids: aged from 3 to 6
– Learn to recognize numbers and learn the relationship between quantity and number.
– Improve speed, attention, and psychomotor skills through play.
– Learn first words, letters, consonants and vowels (reading and writing – abc) in a fun way in their native language: English.
– Learn to count (tallying).
– Start learning English for kindergarten kids (preschool).
– Learn and improve coordination and fine motor skills in the youngest.
– Develop visual awareness of different moving shapes and objects.
– Develop attention and concentration in kids.

For primary kids -aged 6-12- and secondary kids -aged from 12-
– Revise counting skills (tallying for the youngest).
– Practice sums with appropriate numbers for their age.
– Learn to subtract with numbers suiting their level in logic and math.
– Learning math logic with logic sequences.
– Learn and practice simple times tables (multiplication) and division.
– Improve mental math.

Kids have no excuse not to practice and revise math operations (counting numbers, sequences, tallying, addition, subtraction, division, simple times tables and multiplication) as Buddy School perfectly combines fun with learning arithmetic and mental math. And parents don’t have any excuse either as this app is free!!

It’s a real educational video game!

So now you know: go practice mental math and enjoy learning!!
What are you waiting for?!! It’s free!!

Company: Mobile Billing Activities
Educational video game: Buddy School
Recommended age: 3-15 years
Subject: Learn math through play.